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Abstracts Requirements



Abstracts are accepted in DOC, DOCX format. • Font: Times New Roman, size – 12 Single spacing. The maximum volume is 1 page, margins: top, bottom — 2 cm, left: - 3 cm, right — 1 cm. At the top is the TITLE OF THE REPORT (bold uppercase); an empty line; The surname of the full name, the surname of the full name of the authors (bold, the surname of the speaker is underlined), if there are several authors, they work in different organizations, then an upper index (1, 2, etc.) is placed after the initials, corresponding to the organization listed below under the same number. If the author is one or all authors work in the same organization, then indexes are not put; a new line is the name of the organization; an empty line; brief information about the authors indicating the speaker's email address; an empty line; text from the red line; an empty line; The structure of abstracts should include the following sections: relevance, materials and methods, results, conclusion. References; references 1., 2., etc.

It is advisable to include a reasonable number of references to literature (from 3 to 5). References in the text are indicated in square brackets, for example [1,3-5]. The design of literature according to the Vancouver style.